3dsense Brand Identity (update)

Hello Sen, it’s good to see you here again. I’ve done the changes that you mention in the email.


I’ve been thinking what can I do to convert 3D in typography and shape form and play with the word 3Dsense. I’ve come out an idea to use perspective on the logo to bring out the 3d look.

concept-27 concept-28

Option 1

As for the cross hatch pattern, I’ve scale down the size and reduce the quantity repetition so it wont look on par with the logo. This pattern is very flexible as it can be turn into any shape depending on the layout of the application.

pattern-31 pattern-32 pattern-33business-card2 letterhead2

Option 2

This is the wireframe inspired theme as I’ve turn down the transparency of the color on the wireframe so it won’t look too striking.

business-card letterhead


Let me know which option that you prefer.