Here is what I am all About

Hey it’s Suree here. I am a graphic designer specialise in brand identity located in Malaysia.

I had experience working in UK before handling both offline and online project. I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to redesign the logo and brand identity for the company I am working for.

This is probably the most challenging project yet. After my visa went expired, I decided to come back Malaysia and started to do freelance ever since.

Have a project in mind? Lets have a chat contact@sureewoong.com

About This Blog

First of all thanks for reading RefiningDesigners. I believe we all have a principle in mind.

This is why I find interesting to write this blog on how you can improve yourself with basic principle that you already know but didn’t realise that it can actually apply in design.

I hope the articles in this blog can help you improve yourself in terms of thinking, problem solving and skills.

If you just wonder around don’t know where to start learning design or you just stuck as a graphic designer, you are on the right place. I’ll give you a hand with my experience written as an article on this blog. I will share all the principles you need to know to be a better designer and I hope it helps.

Oh, and let me introduce myself, my name is Suree, the writer behind this blog. I am a graphic designer specialise in Brand Identity.

 A Bit More About Me

In 1 April 1989, I was born in a small town in Malaysia. My parents struggle a bit financially when I was born. My dad work as a police officer and my mum was a receptionist in a clinic nearby. It is a very low paid job on that time. Luckily, I was born healthy otherwise my dad don’t know what can he do with his $30 savings in the bank.

Throughout my childhood, I never get involve in entrepreneurship or design. I don’t even know the word “design” actually exist. I was living in an outdated environment where I got my first email address when everyone was busy updating facebook. But this don’t hold me back from breaking through new challenges on being a brand identity designer and entrepreneur.


I went to a design college when I don’t even know what design is. That makes a lot of people wonder why I end up studying graphic design when I don’t even know what graphic design is.

Thanks to a friend back in high school encouraging me to go for graphic design…. And the funny thing is he don’t even know what graphic design is. I think I just stumble into it.

I struggled in the first semester in college, cant get my head around with it. But things get better when I start to get curious about graphic design.

I am glad for that, otherwise I will be knocking on your door delivering your favorite pizza.

Curiosity help me learn a lot in many aspect area.

The 3 Other Blog I Failed

I would love to share my journey and things I’ve learned along the way as a graphic designer. I want to position myself as a Brand Identity designer as well. So I got this idea to start blogging.

There are plenty of things to learn about internet stuff so I’ve spend about 3 years to get my head around with the internet stuff. SEO, internet marketing, building a website and on and on. I still keep learning today.

I failed 2 website before I started Refining Designers. The first website, which is a website providing free font. I failed to get any traffic(messed up the SEO part), I am writing something that I don’t like, I’ve been thinking of slapping some adsense to make big bucks but haven’t figure out how the basic SEO work. I decided to take it down, after a year of effort.

So don’t think of money in the first place, think of how your content, product or service value can help people in the first place.

The second website which is an information website about the story behind logo. I get huge amount of traffic on this website but the conversion is just too low. About a year after, this website was penalize by google panda’s update after I’ve bought thousand of spammy links from dodgy SEOer.

Lesson learned, never take shortcut.

My Future Plan

I am trying to build an authority through Refining Designers and I hope all the articles I shared on my blog is going to help you answer your question.

As I am a brand Identity designer, I am hoping I can get my hands on more company that needs brand identity.

It is tough sometimes and I am really glad that I have a wonderful support from my friends, family and you as a reader.

Keep doing what you love.

Best of luck with your career! And feel free to leave a comment below if you have any question.