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Hello Boon Hui, it’s good to see you here. I’ve come out with 2 design option for your project. Have a look below.


Option 1

I’ve use a vibrant color with a playful of font placement for this option which makes it appear to be more friendly


As you can see at the bottom of this bunting I’ve added the word “head over to our front desk for more information”. The reason being is it is a bit empty at the bottom if I leave it blank.


I could have fill in the price and package form but I think that it is better to put that in the flyer and tent card. Let me know if you need me to change that.


I’ve try to squeeze this flier to a A5 size (148mm x 210mm, half A4 size), but it is too small and really hard to read so I’ve use an A4 size for this flyer.

flyer Info Card

I am not sure what is the size for the info card, so I’ve use the size 9cm x 5cm. Let me know if you need to change the size.infocard

Tent Card


Option 2

In this option I’ve the blue color theme.

bunting2 Flyerflyer2 Info Cardinfocard2 Tent Cardtent-card2

Let me know which option that you prefer then we will move on from there.


I just wonder if you have the Ai file for the hotel logo?  The logo will look really blur if you print it out because I just copy and past the logo from the power point that you gave me.


Do let me know the size for the info card as well.





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