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Hello Sen, it’s good to see you here.


As 3dsense is a interactive art school, I’ve been thinking what kind of brand identity that suits both office and promotional application.


This is a hard part where I have to make sure the brand identity looks professional for office application and funky and attractive enough for promotional application.


From the brochure that you send it over to me, I’ve seen a lot of fantastic student artwork included in the brochure. I need to take consider a brand identity that could enhance the student artwork as well.


So you will see a lot of transparency, geometric shape and overlapping for both corporate and promotional brand identity.


Have a look at the draft I’ve done below.

3dsense4 3dsense 3dsense5


3dsense13dsense2There is a lot of typography that can be use as part of this brand identity. But I’ve found out Dosis is the most suitable for 3dsense as it looks sophisticated enough to compliment the illustration.


Hope to hear from you soon.