3dsense Brand Identity

*This is a private page that only can be seen by you through the link given in from the email*


Hello Sen, it’s good to see you here. Here is the design option I’ve done for you. Have a look.


Logo Layout Redesign

The layout redesign of the logo is a challenge for me as the limited layout I can play around. However I’ve found something can be done. I’ve find out the icon of the logo look like a triangle shape. This give the logo a moving forward direction.


So I’ve decide to make the icon smaller and put it on the side with the words “3dsense Media School”.  The shape of the icon is very minimal and this makes this icon still visible even in a smaller scale. Well done to the designer who make this icon.


logo-14Brand Identity (option 1)

As for the brand identity, I’ve come out 2 option for you to have a look at. I’ve choose a yellow color as the main color for this brand identity to seek attention from the 18yrs to 30 years future digital artist.


I also find out the background on the promotional item and 3dsense website appear to be darker color. Yelow color looks good on dark background. So it is easier for the designer to do color matching in future.


As for the font, I’ve choose the font “Lato” as the main font for this brand identity.

concept-02 concept-04 concept-05 concept-06 concept-07 Branding-Identity-Mock-Up-Vol4 Poster-Frame-Mockup---N


Brand Identity (option2)

This brand identity is inspire from the wireframe of the 3d design.

3d-153dconcept-09 3dconcept-103dconcept-12 3dconcept-11Branding-Identity-2


Let me know which option that you prefer, then we will move on to the details for other application.