UPS Logo Evolution : This is How Their First Logo Looks Like

first-ups-logoUps emblem in 1919


Have you seen the first UPS logo before? The first UPS logo was born in 1919. Before this logo was born, UPS was named as American Messenger Company in the early days. On that time, delivery was delivered by foot for shorter trip and bicycle for a longer trip.

 Ups First Delivery Car

In 1913, they changed their name again as Merchants Parcel Delivery as try purchased their first delivery car, a Model T Ford.

Another reason for them to change the name is because Jim Casey (UPS founder), agreed to merge with their competitor Evert (“Mac”) McCabe that shift the company primary focus from business messages to packages.

In 1919, they expand their business beyond Seattle to Oakland, CA and changed their name to United Parcel Service (UPS). The name word “United” served as a reminder that the company’s operations in each city were part of the same organization.

“Parcel” symbolizes the nature of their business and “Service” represents what the company offered. Their first official logo was born as the name United Parcel Service was adopted in 1919. This logo features a shield with an eagle carrying a package with words “Safe, Swift, Sure”.

 Ups Emblem in 1937


In 1937, for the first time UPS revised their logo design. This design changes was made when UPS had grown their business well and start providing delivery of merchandise for multiple retail department stores. A tagline was included in the logo “The Delivery System for Stores of Quality”.

 Paul Rand and Ups Emblem in 1961


In 1961, Paul Rand, a well-known brand designer was hired to redesign UPS logo. The bowtie package was incorporate in the logo that symbolizes the package service from UPS. It is a clever solution to incorporate a bowtie packages into the logo with losing the shape of the shield.



However, after 42 years, as part of rebranding, UPS decided to change the logo. The bowtie was removed from the logo as UPS expanded from more than just shipping and delivery services.

This logo was redesign by a company called Futurebrand. I love logo as it look simple and stylish. I think Futurebrand has done a good job with this rebranding.

The Meaning of the Shield

The shield symbolizes the stability and integrity of the company. The employees often refer this logo as “the shield”.

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