The Truth That You Don’t Know About Air Jordan Logo

The first Air Jordan Logo was actually designed by Nike Head Designer, Peter Moore. The basketball was surrounded with wings as you can see in the pictures below.




Soon, Air Jordan 1 was introduced after the first logo was born. Nike signed Jordan a $2.5 million deal for 5 years. However, NBA banned the shoe from the league and Michael Jordan still wore them for his match. He was fined $5000 a game.


But Nike is happy enough to pay the fine as long as Michael Jordan keep the shoes on his feet and seen by public.


At first, Michael Jordan is not interested with the Air Jordan project after Peter Moore presented the sketches of AJ1 shoes, jumpsuits, and other apparel in black and red. He said “I can’t wear those shoes, those are Devil colours”


Michael Jordan was bored and show no interest in the meeting of Air Jordan project, but soon after they left the meeting, he told his agent “Let’s make a deal”

And BAM! Air Jordan was born.

Air Jordan New Logo

The new Air Jordan Logo was born after Michael won the 1986-1987 Slam Dunk competition. The logo was changed to the jump man that you can see today.




The logo represent movement, strength, and excellence. Air Jordan is a huge hit and still growing in today market.


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